Southern California

Golden Oak Spring

By: Jerry Stone
August 12th, 2014

Unfortunately Golden Oak Spring is in very bad shape. The range cattle have destroyed the plumbing job we did to upgrade it 2 years ago. Do to the drought possibly, the water source has changed directions and there is no water in the spring box. The water just oozes out of the ground across the trail. There was about 3 inches of water in the concrete water trough from the surface flow above but I think it evaporates as fast as it goes in. When the water starts back in the spring box I’ll have to clean it out. Also will need new fencing to protect the plumbing and new plumbing.
The bad news is this is now not a source for water except in life and death situations. That means a 32 mile hike from Hwy 58 in Tehachapi to the next spring Robin Bird Spring.

– Jerry Stone (PCTA volunteer)

Walker Pass to Yellow Jacket Springs

By: HyltonHiker
May 12th, 2014

The conditions on this part of the trail were in excellent shape with no felled trees across trail and tread was in good shape also, water is a different story with McIvers Spring not flowing but thanks to trail angles there were three gallons of water in the old cabin thats there. Yellow Jacket Spring was at a trickle. Did this hike on 5/3/14

Agressive Africanized Bees

By: Danielle Whitten
April 30th, 2014

On the trail yesterday 4/19/14 in the deep creek area around Apple Valley, CA by the red bridge my husband and I were attacked by very aggressive bees. It’s in a section of the trail where you walk through a tunnel of trees. The bees just came out of no where and the bees chased for a good 1/8 of a mile. Just wanted to let everyone know since numerous hikers were stung yesterday. Hopefully, someone can get out there and get this hive removed.