Southern California

June 28, 2011

I hiked Section F from Hwy 58 to Hwy 178 from June 18 through June 24. I created a waypoint file for most/all of the blowdowns in the section as there were a lot of them, some recent, some old, a few really large ones with long side trails being created. In a few areas, there is a problem with motorcycles on the trail, and they were creating more “go-around gouges” for some small blowdowns that hikers just step over.

June 27, 2011

The endangered species reroute down the Southfork trail is not passable with stock. Do not attempt with stock.
Ray Drasher Section D Chief

From Mill Creek Summit to Messenger Flat is not passable with stock. Do not attempt.
Ray Drasher Section D Chief

June 3, 2011

Kudos for your on-going work to improve the trail along Fuller Ridge. Hiked the segment from Fuller Ridge trailhead to Snow Creek on June 2nd. The trail was mostly in good condition except for two areas. Above 4400 feet is was good except for about a half dozen trees down over the trail. From 4400 feet through the tedious long switchbacks to about 3200 feet it needs both work on trail tread improvement and a serious job of brushing. There is a lot of trail overgrowth of Thickleaf Yerba Santa and other desert chaparral. Yes I know, send money. I did send in a check for trail maintenance a while back and believe you will spend it wisely where most needed.

May 19, 2011

Please use caution on the OHV route section (first 7 miles or so) of the Deep Creek Detour. Do not walk down the middle of the road! I had to dodge speeding motorcycles and dune buggies numerous times. The “petroleum athletes” that recreate on this route are not expecting to see hikers on “their” road. That said, a few slower moving jeepers stopped and were friendly; I got a chance to educate them about the PCT, and enlighten them to the fact that there is a way to travel 2650 miles without burning fossil fuel….

April 11, 2011

Deep Creek Detour

The Deep Creek Detour is a 14.2 mile detour bypassing 15.7 miles of the PCT
damaged by winter storms in December of 2010. The storms caused landslides across
steep sections of the trail and damaged several bridges North of WR297 [the Deep
Creek bridge].

All detour mileages are distance northbound from the Deep Creek Bridge at mile 298.3.

Watch for poison oak in creek beds and washes along this detour.

View Detour Map – PDF