July 12, 2011

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There is a big jumble of logs about one mile north of Snoqualmie pass which is very difficult for hikers to get through and completely impossible for stock.. There are signs up at the trailhead telling people of the problem and advising them not to go through. Some people are going up anyway and clambering their way around the logs, while others are using the old Commonwealth Creek trail as an alternative. Several experienced sawyers have looked at this situation and deemed several of the logs too dangerous to saw, even with a chainsaw. The USFS is looking at all options for removing these logs, but will probably end up needing to blast them, which would entail closing the trail entirely for 3-4 days. They are evaluating the situation, and will keep us updated as plans materialize.

July 11, 2011

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Some friends and I hiked the portion from Panther Creek Campground to Carson Guler Road (Horse Camp). The trail was in great shape with minimum problems.

Hiking North from Panther Creek Campground there are several large trees that have fallen across the trail on the switchbacks. Not too bad to cross.

In the lava beds there are still snow drifts one of which was at least 4 feet high. Nothing bad.

Beautifully Rhododendrons, Trilliums (sp?) and other flowers blooming July 7-10. Indian Heaven Wildernes was still snowed in heavily so we had to end our hike before Sheep Lakes. The couple that manages the stretch we hiked have done a great job on the trail. Absolutely beautiful.

June 28, 2011

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PCT at Chinook Pass 10-12 feet of solid snow. The foot bridge over Hiway 410 is out. The snow was hard packed and easy walking, no post-holing. Trail impossible to follow through open areas.

June 19, 2011

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Road 23 to road 88 is still snowed in. Through that section you are anywhere from 3400 to 4500 feet in elevation and the snow is anywhere from 1-7 feet deep. In the river valleys, such as Trout Creek, the snow is the deepest with the south facing ridges having the least snow.
The trail is now accessible via the 23 road, but it will be a few weeks before it is accessible via the 88 road.

June 1, 2011

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We were looking for snow free PCT for shake down to do WA sectionals this Mem Day. Started at the PCT parking lot across from the dam on Rt14. Made it as far as no. Table Mt. TH(8 mi) in the pouring rain. No snow and a few blowdowns but trail in good shape.

August 14, 2010

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We just came out from the PCT Detour A after starting at Stevens Pass (hiway 2) and going South. The trail is in great condition except for a tricky crossing at Deception Creek just North of Cathedral Pass. Crews are cleaning up the trail from the Closure Section North and it is beautiful when the pass through.

Some folks were disregarding the closure notice and were threatened with a fine. Please respect the Ranger’s decisions. It was obvious in talking to several that their main concern was to make the PCT passable and safe. They have done a great job with their young work crews.

There are still some brushy sections, but all-in all it was a great trail to hike. Watch out for Whidbey Island NAS fighter jets screaming up the valleys. They are loud, low, and a daily event.