Blankenship fire closure; public buses lead from Darrington WA to Chelan WA

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By: O.d. Coyote PCT '75
August 28th, 2015

There IS a way to take local and Amtrak buses from the town of Darrington WA at 7:47 am (30 miles west of the Suiattle River trailhead) to the town of Chelan (at 2:28 pm that afternoon). Then to High Bridge, on the PCT north of the closure, by 3pm the next day. Just thought I’d throw this out there, in case anyone is hung up on the west side of the mountains south of the closure point and needs an easy way to continue. So long as Rainy Pass Hwy 20 is closed, Darrington to Chelan is not easily hitched. To wit, using actual weekday schedule times:

Communitytransit bus 230 goes from Darrington to Smokey Pt. Transit Center;

communitytransit bus 202 goes from Smokey Pt to Everett Transit Center,
near the Amtrak Station; 9:00am-9:44am

Amtrak Thruway bus 8848 goes from Everett Amtrak Station to Wenatchee Amtrak Station; 10:10am-12:55pm

linktransit bus 21 goes from Wenatchee’s Columbia Station (near Amtrak Station) to Chelan; 1:30pm-2:28pm

Next day, From Chelan, take the Lady of the Lake boat to Stehekin (8:30am-12:30pm), and the Red Bus to High Bridge (2pm-3pm). The Lady Express isn’t running any more this season.

Good luck to all and maybe the predicted rains this weekend will knock the fires down.

Water sources in Washington

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By: Jim
July 13th, 2015

We hiked the stretch between Walupt Lake/Nannie Ridge to HWY 12 July 4 through July 7. There was obviously water at Sheep Lake, decent water at that. There was then great water at Cispus basin. AFter that we found excellent water at Snowgrass. And then a snow field near Alpine. Other than a couple “glacier/snowfield” crossings just prior to The Knife, we didn’t encounter water until McCall Basin. The next water after McCall basin was and awesome source at Hidden Spring (kinda tricky to find). From Hidden Spring to HWY 12 there is a small stream just 1 mile from the trailhead at HWY 12, and of course Shoe lake.

Downed trees and snow.

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By: bambi barbie
May 27th, 2015

There were quite a few downed trees in manning park section. Some I had to crawl under, some I had to go around, and some I had too lodge myself over. Not equestrian ready. Then there was snow at castle pass, but could find my way through. At Hopkins pass then there was too much snow to find the trail, I tried to push through (and I did find it), but then the traverse up to liberty ridge was completely snowed out. Wouldn’t recommend doing this section at this time without crampons and a detailed map of the trail. Depending on the face of the mountain the snow level varies, but I would say the snow started around 6,500 and became unpassable at 6,700. Water is not an issue there is at least a small stream every .5 mile. 5/27/15

trees across trail

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By: Curtis
April 30th, 2015

4/24/15 PCT miles 2171.83 to about 2172.5 there were several small trees down. Easy to step over, probably even for stock. I was able to clear hundreds of smaller branches and trees, as well as several rotten logs. a few places look like they’re in danger of wash-outs/slides, but all in all, it looks pretty good!
The “small” creek about 2164 was running high, and I got wet crossing it.

Trail clear of snow from Bridge of the Gods to Crest Horse Camp mile2206

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By: John Verburg
March 10th, 2015

I just walked (February 12) from the Bridge of the Gods to Crest Horse Camp (mile 2206) and the entire trail is clear of snow. There were a couple of minor patches (less than 1 foot deep and less than 20 feet long) just north of Big Huckleberry Mt., but with the warm weather even those should be gone by next week.

There are about 3-4 downed trees across the trail per mile but can be easily stepped over or around for walkers. Horses will have difficulty without about half a dozen. So if on a horse bring the appropriate gear to remove the obstacles.

A nice early hike.

Wash-outs near Cispus Basin

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By: Steve Ghan
August 18th, 2014

I hiked the PCT south from Snowgrass Flat to Sheep Lake on Saturday August 16. Attached are photos of the major washout, plus minor washouts you might want to know about.

The major washout is about 1/4 mile north of Cispus Basin. I estimate the depth about 8 feet and the width 4-6 feet. As you can see, the washout extends 100s of feet upstream and downstream from the trail. Hikers are hiking above the washout without too much trouble. Horses could possibly be walked above, but I’m not a horse rider so I can’t say if it is passable for horses.