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Bad Blowdown/Deadfall Conditions in Crater Lake NP

By: Bill Grampyfoot Pieper
July 22nd, 2023

August 9 update: National Park Service crews along with Northwest Youth Corps are about 2/3 done with clearing down trees in the park and they are still working.  Thank you!

Within Crater Lake NP, from about mile 1,824 at Dutton Creek to mile 1,849 at OR Highway 138, the PCT is all but obliterated by layers of fallen trees that look like they hadn’t been cleared for at least two years. With only 150- or 200-yard islands of open trail here and there, our pace was cut in half and took double the normal effort. By contrast, all the trails in neighboring Umpqua NF were in great shape. Crater Lake NP needs to give the PCT a little higher priority when it comes to maintenance.

Deadfall across trail

By: Drake Stenger
June 21st, 2023

As of June 17, 2023 there are 123 downed trees between Lolo Pass (2115.2) and Whatum Lake (2131.3) and another 325 downed trees between Whatum Lake and Teakettle Spring (2140.0). The latter is designated wilderness in a burned area such that log out must be via hand tools only. Hikers can scramble over, under or around. Not passable to equestrians

Horse falls off the trail near Zig Zag Canyon, Mt Hood

By: Jack H
September 1st, 2022

Fallen trees present hazards trailwide, including on Mount Hood. Please see this article detailing an incident where a horse fell ~200 feet near Zig Zag Canyon while trying to cross a log.


“As Mandt walked in front of Oriana on the steep, crumbling trail, she led the horse by a rope and encouraged the horse to weave between the fallen trees.

That’s when a stirrup on the horse’s saddle caught a log. Oriana lost her balance, then struggled to get her feet under her, tipping over.”

PCT conditions report Mt Jefferson Wldrns between trail 3440 Hunts Cr-Pamelia Lk

By: Frank Huebsch
August 2nd, 2022

Approximately 76 downfall passable to hikers but many not to stock,4″ to 16″ diameter, most less than 12″ diameter, substantial brush causing tread creep issues within 2-3 mi of Milk Creek. Tread collapse at 2019? avalanche site where large boulders supporting tread have slipped and aluminum culverts presumably draining slope have clogged and are exposed causing tread drainage issues. Apparently this PCT segment has not been maintained for a few years, though it’s current condition is not as severe as the connecting (feeder) trails 3440.
I’m an experienced FS Trail construction and maintenance volunteer and previously FS-certified class B crosscut bucker and licenced civil engineer. I am signed up with PCTA for logout of Jefferson Park and Park Ridge and have previously volunteered to maintain the segment of PCT of this report.

Fallen Trees between Walker Pass and Chimney Creek

By: Gillian Larson
May 31st, 2022

There are about 2 to 3 dozen trees (maybe more) between Walker Pass and Chimney creek. The majority and largest of the trees are between Spanish Creek and Chimney Creek from about mile 670 to 677. There are also a few difficult downfalls farther south between 657 and 662. I made it through with 2 equines but wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have a good saw and some equines that are willing to jump obstacles.