Trail Maintenance Issue

Poodle-Dog Bush extreme hazard

By: Jack Haskel
January 18th, 2013

Be aware of the existence of Poodle-Dog Bush on the trail. Some people are extremely allergic to it. Read the full warning, watch a video and see an alternate map on our blog.

Various reports from 2012 hikers have bad Poodle-Dog Bush on the PCT starting around either mile 419 or 421 or 425 and extending through Messenger Flat at mile 430.6. To avoid Poodle-Dog Bush, some hikers are detouring off the PCT either at the Mill Creek Ranger Station [mile 418.8] or Mount Gleason Rd [mile 421.4] or the dirt road at mile 425.1 [follow the dirt road 4/10 mile S to Mount Gleason Rd] and then following Mount Gleason Rd to Messenger Flat.