Water Conditions

Belden equestrian TH to Poision Springs

By: Larry Kling
May 16th, 2013

Just finished three days logging out this section. We sure had a time of it with the fire damage especially between the Lassen boundary, and Mrytle flat. With two burns the lower section mile 1290.0 to 1294. looks like a war zone. Lower chips crossing is in bad shape with a steep entry washout and holes up to our stirrups. Lots of brush along chips creek and about a mile more of tick infested brush. Fair amount of snow below poison springs. After 99 trees over 5inchs and tons of brushing the trail is open for all including horses to about 300 yards below poison springs. I am very thankful for my partner Jerry Smith who worked above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

Section G Rockhouse Basin to Beck Mdws

By: HyltonHiker
May 1st, 2013

The trail tread is in good shape in this area the problems here is: two big rocks that rolled onto the trail between Rockhouse Basin and Kennedy Mdws hikers and horses can still get around them pretty easy aslo I counted 12 downed snags across the trail all within the 2008 Clover Fire. No snow present anywhere and the creeks are running to a trickle. No running water at Kennedy Mdws CG. Did this hike on 4/27/13

Trail Conditions from Canebrake Rd to Spanish Needles Canyon

By: HyltonHiker
April 16th, 2013

The trail in this section of the Owens Pk Wilderness I found that there is mainly tread work north of Spanish Needle Ck some sections are real bad it was like sidehilling also there are some spots where rock walls need rebuilding and few scrub oaks growing across the trail that just need clipped with clippers, and only came across two downed trees. Spanish Needels Creek is flowing to almost a trickle. There is no snow present on this section of trail or any where in section G. I did this hike on 4/13/13

Section C, Hwy 18 by Baldwin “Lake” to Hwy 173 at Silverwood Lake dam

April 2nd, 2013

MARCH 24 – MARCH 28, 2013 There are small patches of snow, but the trail is easy to follow and get through with just hiking shoes. There are a few trees down. Even this early in the year the heat is intense past Big Bear Lake and on Deep Creek Detour, as there is little shade. There is water each place listed in stats, though at times slow and flavored by algea.

Trail Conditions north of Walker Pass to Spanish Needles Cyn

By: Steve Hylton aka "HyltonHiker"
April 1st, 2013

The trail is in fairly good condition other than just some minor tread work mainly a 1/4 mile north of the Jenkins plaque, also I saw three spots where the trail could use some rockwall rebuilding and a few scrub oaks that could be cut back using clippers. There is no snow present anywhere on the trail in fact it is pretty dry so the fire danger is in effect in this area. Joshua Tree Springs is still flowing water. I did this hike on 3/30/13

Aqua Dulce to Bouquet Canyon Road

By: Daytripper
March 29th, 2013

Dayhiked Sobo from Bouquet Canyon Road (mile 465.5) to Aqua Dulce (Mile 454.5) 3/28/13. Trail tread and corridor in good shape except around mile 462 where trail follows undulating ridgeline motorcycle track. Bear Spring (463.2) flowing at ~ 1 liter/min from white pipe 15 feet above trail; water in trough below trail stagnant, disgusting. Beware of stinging nettle near spring. Small population of native succulent Dudleya in rocks 50 yards N of Bear Spring. Bouquet Canyon Road cache (on trail, 50 ft before road) has four newly placed gallon water bottles (one-time event). Trail register at Mint Canyon (458.5) has a found Ford key in register box. Sweetwater Cafe (454.5) hiker-friendly, as usual.

section a water report

By: Troop 673 - Mike Kelley
March 18th, 2013

There was water available several places throughout the first twenty miles of the PCT from Mexico. Most likely due to rain a week ago. Of course the creek at 4.4 miles was slowly flowing. In the area around mile 9 there were several places where a small amount of water was running off rocks below the trail, overlooking the flat valley below with cows grazing. At around mile 15, off the south boundary road around 200 feet before taking the trail down into Hauser Creek area, there was water dripping down the embankment above the roadway. Hauser Creek was dry around the trail.

Bouquet Canyon Road to San Francisquito Canyon Road

By: Daytripper
March 4th, 2013

On 3/3/13 dayhiked from Bouquet Canyon Road (mile 465.5) nobo to San Franscisquito Canyon Road (mile 478). Trail generally in good shape. Mountain bike tracks common miles 465.5 to 469.5. Oasis Cache (mile 471.5) not yet stocked with water or beverages but plenty of chairs and shade. Forest Service Road 6N09 that crosses PCT near Oasis Cache recently graded. Ample parking near trail crossing of both Bouquet Canyon Road and San Franscisquito Canyon Road. Two small populations of California native succulent Dudleya lanceolata noted in rocks near mile 468 and mile 474. Mileage points based on Halfmile’s waypoints.