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Welcome to the Pacific Crest Trail community! The trail is more than a ribbon of dirt, it’s a shared experience and place that binds us together. For many, the PCT holds promise of a second home and strong and new friendships. Off the trail, our community remains connected. Whether you are stopped in the street because of a PCT sticker on your car or an emblem on your sweatshirt, join the online discussion, participate in the PCT volunteer community or socialize at events, we welcome you to the fold.

We’ve got two fantastic ways right on this website to join in on the fun. Check out The Journalist for people’s blog posts and #PacificCrestTrail Live for images and tweets. Don’t just observe. Leave a comment, give a “like” or send a tweet!

Thru-hikers snack and chat in the Sierra Nevada. Photo by Brandon White

Thru-hikers snack and chat in the Sierra Nevada. Photo by Brandon White

If you want to talk trail, or merely have a question, we recommend the following venues.

Do you have an online journal about your time on the Pacific Crest Trail? Submit it to our database and read other people’s stories


Please “like” us on the Pacific Crest Trail Association Facebook page! We do our best to share frequent, but not too frequent, posts that you might find interesting. It’s one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on PCT information.

For a better question and answer format, and to interact with the incredible PCT community, consider joining the main Pacific Crest Trail group (which we moderate).


The Pacific Crest Trail subreddit is a great, thriving discussion board for the trail.


We’re on Twitter @PCTAssociation. It’s a great way to connect with us. We tend to use the #PacificCrestTrail hashtag and share exclusive things that don’t get published anywhere else. Unfortunately, the #PCT hashtag is crowded with a lot of non-trail related things.


We’re on Instagram @PCTAssociation. It’s really fun. As on Twitter, we use the #PacificCrestTrail hashtag primarily. Tag your photos #PCTig to give us permission to regram them.

JMT discussion

The John Muir Trail Yahoo Group is an active hub for discussion related to the John Muir Trail. Don’t miss the “links” and “files” sections. On Facebook, the community is active on the John Muir Trail Facebook Group.

Unless it’s specifically stated, the PCTA does not own or manage some of these social media channels.  

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Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton