The Journalist

Day 30 (25/05/17): Burkhart Trail Junction (mile 394.02) – campsite (mile 411.74) (17.72 miles/28.5 km)

Our morning started off under the shady pines at Buckhorn Campground. The trees were blocking out the sun and I was cosy in my sleeping bag which made it extra hard to get up! Once we finally got ourselves out of bed we packed up, had breakfast and utilised the outhouse and faucet it was […]

Day 22: Pizza party at Silverwood Lake

Date: May 21, 2017Miles: 17.8 miles (28.6km), from mile 317.9 to mile 335.7.Health: Morning I felt a bit slow, but after the siesta I felt absolutely amazing. We woke up early and packed up our gear quickly, we wanted to get on the trail to beat the heat and to make it to the Silverwood Lake early to […]

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton