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Post-PCT : quelques chiffres

S’il y a quelque chose que je n’aime pas, c’est faire des statistiques, mais en fait, après le trail, on a envie de pouvoir donner quelques chiffres qui expriment l’amplitude du chemin parcouru. Donc après quelques calculs, voilà ce que cela donne : Départ de Campo : 05 avril 2017 Arrivée à Chester/PCT-Mid point : 19 septembre 2017 […]

Day 74: Stopped by Wide Creek

Date: July 12, 2017Miles: 16.8 miles (27km), from mile 970.6 to mile 987.4.Health: Knee is ok. Feeling the long days but feeling good. I woke up but wasn’t sure if it was my alarm. I looked around and it looked just as dark as when we usually wake up. Was it time to go? I look at my clock […]

SOBO Flip Day 2 Campsite in Trees to McCloud River

Mile 1487-1468 Friday, July 14, 2017 Last night I camped with a German NoBo hiker named Chubs.  We were in a campsite listed on guthook and halfmile, dirt patches under tall trees.  We fought mosquitoes while making and eating dinner, they were everywhere.  Northern California in this season was full of mosquitoes! My trail today […]

Post trail livin’ – my PCT epilogue

It’s been exactly one month since I got off trail, which is pretty hard to believe. Time, it flew! It’s been one month of traveling around the midwest seeing friends, seeing family, seeing MORE friends, stressing about not having a job, and not knowing how to talk about this crazy incredible profound ridiculous life-journey.  Coming […]

Mette ( is near the tail end of…

Mette ( is near the tail end of the 2017 thru-hikers as she and a small number of others make their final push north from Rainy Pass.  The weather, by and large, has been very cooperative for mid-October when permanent snow has often arrived in the North Cascades.  That is not to say that it […]

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton