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Day 79 (13/07/2017): Soda Springs trail (mile 911.04) – Campsite (mile 925.35) (14.31 miles/23.0 km)

Treated ourselves to a mild sleep in. Got up and started getting ready at 7:00 am. River Runner caught up to us not long after getting started. Turns out the BSG’s, Fish Fry and Rain Fly camped a little bit behind us last night. Fish Fry also past us soon after. When Litre Bit caught […]

Day 78: Fourth of July Push to Castella

July 4, 2017 Total daily miles: 19.3 miles Total PCT miles: 1091.8 miles Start: mile 1479.4 End: Castle Crags State Park Campground (mile 1498.7) Total elevation gain/loss: 3902.2/4940 ft We were up and out of camp before the other hikers were up. We immediately stopped to grab more water and then headed downhill to Squaw […]

Day 78 (12/07/17): Horseshoe Lake trail junction (mile 903.93) – Soda Springs trail (mile 911.04) (7.11 miles/11.4 km)

We were up at a reasonable time this morning as check out from our Air BnB was at 11am. We still had plenty of food from the last day and a half to have leftovers for breakfast. I had some cereal that I’d got from the supermarket yesterday and Dyl made poached eggs again wth […]

Day 77: Big Descents For Big Miles

July 3, 2017 Total daily miles: 27.8 miles Total PCT miles: 1072.5 miles Start: mile 1450.6 End: mile 1479.4 Total elevation gain/loss: 4600.7/7112.9 ft What a long day — I’m exhausted! We spent the morning walking along the hillside, which was fairly exposed but awarded us with some awesome views. We skipped the first water […]

Day 57: Kearsarge Pass and Bishop

Date: June 25, 2017Miles: 2.9 miles (4.7km) + 7.6 miles over Kearsarge Pass (non-PCT miles), from mile 786 to 788.9.Health: Tired from the long day yesterday. I woke up late in the morning, still tired from the all the snow and climbing yesterday. KB and Fyre had left earlier and I left with the others from the camp. […]

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton