The Journalist

Day 74 (08/07/17): Lake Edison Ferry Trail junction (mile 878.75) – campsite near North Fork Mono Creek (mile 881.13) (2.38 miles/3.8 km)

We started waking up in the morning around 7am when we heard people getting up and about. We had a decision to make as to which ferry we would take back to the trail that day – either the one at 9am or the one at 4pm. We consulted with Whoopie and Karma from the […]

[FULLY EXPLICIT] – The Good, The Bad and The Hiker Trash!

Overwhelmed with spectacular sights and unforgetable shenanigans, it’s ever so easy to portray the PCT as a wholly enjoyable process. Let’s give you an insight into some of the less appealing elements of being a long-distance hiker. If you’re planning on one or debating it, this will give you a number of factors to consider. […]

Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton