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Day 103: No sight of Sam

Date: August 10, 2017Miles: 29.5 miles (47.5km), from East Fork Sulphur Creek to Deadfall Lakes at mile 1,534.2.Health: Legs and feet are tired from switching from zero drop shoes back to regular shoes.

Slept great last night. The ground beneath was so soft and the soothing sound of the flowing ...

Day 102: Mount Shasta and new shoes

Date: August 9, 2017Miles: 8.9 miles (14.3km), from mile 1,495.8 to mile 1,504.7.Health: Muscle on my left leg keeps cramping up. Getting new shoes and some rest today was great.

We wake up, pack our gear, and hike the short distance down to the interstate. Guthooks mentions that this can ...