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July 5: Hobart Peak to Howard Prairie Lake (PCT mile 1732 to 1749)

It was great to be back on the trail and I had no problem returning to trail life. I slept great and got up early. I came across a cool find: a Rubber Boa (Snake) on the trail.I also got a great view of the Mt. Ashland area that I ...

July 4: Ashland to Hobart Peak (PCT mile 1717 to 1732)

Happy 4th of July! I decorated my pack for the occasion with a flag Rob bought meToday I will find out how healed I am after a week of resting, icing, etc. First a breakfast wit Rob and Alice and then we said our goodbyes, or see you later’s as ...

June 29 and 30: Zero days in Ashland

Friday was my big resupply planning and, buying, packing and mailing day. I have to buy food and mail it ahead to locations on the trail that do not have a food market that I can count on buying meals from. So I have to acquire

Five days of food ...

June 28: just past Red Mountain to Callahan’s Lodge (Ashland) (PCT miles 1704 to 1718)

Today we have a [email protected] hike to Callahan’s Lodge where we will meet up with my Sea Ranch neighbors for a few zero days!

We woke up in the clouds and got to see them in all forms:

Blowing by us,

Watch the video.

looking like snow below us,

and ...

June 27: just past White Mountain in CA to just past Red Mountain in OR (PCT mile 1679 to 1704)

Today we visited an 85 year old cabin being restored by the grandson of the original builder

It looks out over a beautiful meadow

PCTers are welcome to stay overnight , but the day is young and we are nearly done with hiking in California. Just a few miles away ...

June 26: Seiad Valley to just past White Mountain (PCT mile 1657 to 1679)

Picasso and I got up as early as we could to get a jump on today’s climb. I was worried it would be as hot as our descent to Grider Creek a few days before. We had shade for the majority of the hill and then a cool breeze afterwards. ...

June 25: Grider Creek Campground to Seiad Valley RV Park (PCT mile 1650 to 1757)

We slept in knowing we only have a 7 mile road walk to Seiad Valley where we will enjoy a Nearo (Near-Zero) day. The road was pleasant enough, no traffic and lots of morning shade.

In no time we found ourselves crossing the Klamath River Bridge and entertaining Seiad Valley...

June 24: Marble Mountain Campground to Grider Creek Campground (PCT mile 1624 to 1650)

We awoke to the sunrise on one peak of the Marble Mountains

We hiked completely up and around these peaks and came upon… snow! That’s Picaso in the first photo

Today I learned that I am not allergic to bee stings. While hiking up a hill in a slight breeze, ...