Our Work

The Pacific Crest Trail Association is singularly focused on keeping the PCT open for generations to come. We are headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., and our staff—which includes regional representatives in Washington, Oregon and California—works with thousands of volunteers and donors to protect, preserve and promote one of the best trail experiences on Earth.

We are the eyes, ears and voice for the trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail is more than a track on the ground. It is an artery of the West. With it flows recreation dollars, health, and purpose. The scenic, biological and cultural resources that surround the trail are worth protecting and are a critical part of the experience. The trail and the wilderness that it passes through will continue to exist through the hard work and devotion of the thousands of people in the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

As the trail takes us into some of the best wild and scenic places in the country, it’s easy to forget that just over the way a new housing development, road project, or high-tension wire may be pushing closer, threatening the peace and serenity trail users seek and deserve. We provide concise, thoughtful and constructive advocacy that ensures the best outcome for the trail when development challenges arise and management decisions are being considered. It’s a collaborative effort: we have built and continue to nurture open, working partnerships.

Each year, we work with more than 1,500 volunteers to clear brush and downed trees, rebuild log bridges over streams and construct rock retaining walls in the high country. We recruit, organize, train and supervise these volunteer maintenance and reconstruction programs. The amount of work achieved is staggering. Our staff and volunteers are experts in everything from trail building to vegetative management.

Most of all, our work ensures that people can connect with each other and the land through the best trail experience you can find.

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