10% of the Pacific Crest Trail is unprotected.

Help us protect it all.

The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is a 2,650-mile fragile ribbon connecting the wildest and most spectacular scenery in the American West. It is our greatest wilderness experience, and each year thousands enjoy the trail. But approximately 10% of the PCT remains unprotected from development that could erase some of its wild nature forever.

People like you, who recognize the vital importance of the PCT’s wild experience to our spirit, are ensuring that every mile of the trail is protected. They’re doing this by supporting the Pacific Crest Trail Association’s efforts to acquire the gaps in protected land that remain. Not just for themselves but for future generations. It’s difficult, complex work—but together we’ve achieved much in a short time.

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Trinity Divide

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Land Protection Q&A

Why isn’t the entire trail protected?

Nearly 50 years after the 1968 Congressional designation of the PCT as one of the first National Scenic Trails, it is still not completely protected. Approximately 10 percent of the trail remains on private land with little in place to help protect the trail experience for future generations. more...

What are some of the threats to the trail?

For most of the 2,650 miles of the PCT from Mexico to Canada, you can experience some of the most sublime outdoor scenery in the world. But, in far too many spots along the way, this experience is being threatened by development, clear cuts, inappropriate barriers and unsafe road walks. more...

What does permanent land protection mean?

PCTA works with landowners, public agencies, conservation organizations and local communities to protect land for the trail through acquisitions of fee title lands and conservation easements. more...



“The Pacific Crest Trail is a world-class resource visited by thousands of hikers and backpackers from around the world each year. I personally have met many of them and heard their stories of why they have come to see and experience the beauty and challenges of the trail. It’s on our watch to protect this wilderness for generations to come. These mountains are my cathedral.”

- Hank Magnuski

You can help protect lands along the Pacific Crest Trail with your gift to the Land Protection Fund.