Agua Dulce Soledad Canyon

PROTECTED: A Safer Trail Corridor for the PCT in a Developed Area

Active Projects Agua Dulce Soledad Canyon

Where PCT hikers were at risk along a busy road, they now walk more safely through dedicated open space for the trail.

The U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail program has been active in acquiring tracts for a trail corridor through the small community of Agua Dulce located north of Los Angeles.

The corridor would relocate the PCT away from a four-mile road walk, which has grown increasingly hazardous to hikers due to the substantial commercial and residential growth in the area. Several key parcels for the corridor have been purchased with previous PCT-LWCF dedicated funding.

The community of Agua Dulce has endorsed the trail corridor and has championed continued funding to develop the trail corridor and protect open space.

Several more critical parcels remain to be purchased in the Agua Dulce-Soledad corridor to secure a protected trail corridor. Soledad is located just south of Agua Dulce. This corridor represents one of the few wildlife corridor links in the Santa Clara River system and links two separated areas of the Angeles National Forest.


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