Donomore Meadows

PROTECTED: A Spectacular Alpine Meadow Home to Rare Species

Completed Projects Donomore Meadows

With your support, Donomore Meadows was successfully acquired by the PCTA in 2016, permanently protecting rare species habitat along the Pacific Crest Trail.

At the south end of Donomore Meadows, the PCT crosses Donomore Creek and follows the western edge of a meadow for approximately half a mile while meandering in and out of a mixed conifer forest. The meadows provide habitat for rare plant species, northern spotted owl, great gray owl, deer, elk and wolves. Its permanent conservation protects heart-grabbing views from the PCT, critical wildlife habitat, and an important water source for people and animals.

The PCTA was exploring the purchase of the property with the U.S. Forest Service when the landowner decided to sell the land immediately. A generous supporter provided a no-interest loan to the PCTA to purchase the property.

The PCTA will hold the property in trust until it can be transferred to the Forest Service for inclusion in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.


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