Equestrian partnerships

Horse trailers on the Pacific Crest Trail. Photo by Chris Ryerson

Pack support is critical.

Equestrian groups provide an invaluable service to the PCT. Not only do they conduct trail maintenance activities throughout the trail but they also provide packing services to backcountry trail crews. Packers bring in tools, food, and gear for trail maintenance crews. Without this packer assistance, trail crews would be unable to bring in the necessary equipment to maintain remote sections for significant lengths of time.

To learn how you can get involved as a packer, please contact one of our equestrian partner organizations:

They have been called living legends, and I’ve been fortunate to meet a few in my role as the Pacific Crest Trail Manager. These legends are the unsung heroes who have the skills and abilities to ride horses and mules, pack tools and equipment into our beloved wilderness, and support trail and fire crews in a variety of backcountry settings. ~Beth Boyst, U.S. Forest Service,  Pacific Crest Trail Manager

Backcountry Horsemen of California Partnership


In 2012, a unique partnership was developed with the PCTA, BCHC, USFS, and BLM in California. The purpose of this partnership is to protect, preserve, and maintain the PCT for safe, enjoyable wilderness experience for hikers and equestrians. The BCHC/BLM/PCTA/USFS Partnership Committee is composed of representatives from each organization and agency.

The following documents were developed and adopted by this Partnership Committee to guide our work on the PCT.

If you have questions about any of the documents or the Partnership Committee’s work, please email Jennifer Tripp at [email protected] or call her at 916-285-1853.

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