P3 Hiker Anna Machowicz

P3 Hiker Anna Machowicz
PCTA Fundraiser: www.razoo.com/story/alittlegreenhike
Blog: www.alittlegreenlife.blogspot.com

Hike Start Date: July 10 (Southbound hike)

About Anna
A passionate advocate for sustainability, Anna grew up in Michigan, where her father was a park ranger. After graduating from Michigan State University, she worked with the Michigan Recycling Coalition promoting recycling throughout the state. In 2014, she succeeded in an ambitious project to produce no more than one 13-gallon bag of household waste for an entire year. Anna is now dedicated to a career in wildlife research, and met many PCT thru-hikers while working in California on a spotted owl research project. She’s planning a project for her PCT thru-hike to measure the average amount of waste generated by a single thru-hiker. “It is important to me to take care of the PCT before, during and after my hike. I’ll demonstrate this through my project, and I hope to inspire all hikers to do the same.”

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