2018 P3 Program

P3: Protect Preserve and Promote

2017 P3 Hikers

We’re looking for 10 hikers committed to helping protect, preserve, and promote the PCT!

The application for our 2018 P3 Hiker Program is now open! As a P3 Hiker, you’ll help us advocate for the PCT during your hike through your words, photos, and videos.

We want hikers who are passionate about sharing their story from the trail through great writing and visually captivating media. We want you to take us—your followers, our followers and our sponsors—along for the ride from start to finish.

More specifically, we want hikers who…

  • are passionate about environmental conservation and Leave No Trace practices
  • are talented storytellers and communicators
  • have an eye for capturing the beauty that is around them on the PCT, and can convey it through words, photography, sound, or videography
  • are able to look beyond the surface and see things in a broader context
  • are curious about natural and human history

If this is you, we want you to apply for the P3 Program!

Why be a P3 Hiker?

Being a P3 Hiker means you’ll play a significant role in protecting, preserving, and promoting the Pacific Crest Trail. It also means you’ll get to share your hike with our audience of more than 200,000 hiking enthusiasts around the world. You’ll get some complimentary P3 swag (don’t worry—nothing heavy!), complimentary gear from our P3 Program Sponsors, and lifetime status as a P3 Hiker.


1. Be an enthusiastic writer, photographer, audio recorder, or videographer (or any combination of the four).

2. Plan to document your hike through social media and/or a blog.

3. Send location updates to PCTA (via email or text) at least once every two weeks. It’s helpful for us to know where everyone is throughout the summer. Additionally, we’ll try to meet each hiker in person somewhere along the trail for an interview.

4. Have the capability (when Internet access is available on your hike) to upload media to the PCTA through cloud file sharing services like Box.com.

5. Send us substantial content about your hike at least twice a month (ideally once every 2 weeks). Substantial content examples include:

  • 4 Facebook and/or Instagram posts each month with a photo and thoughtful, engaging caption.
  • blog posts or essays of at least 250 words and with at least 2 accompanying high-res photos
  • 20+ high-resolution photos (at least 300dpi, 8MP or 3200 pixels on the long edge)
  • 30+ secs. of edited video ready for posting
  • 2 minutes+ of raw video for us to edit

6. Provide an interview or 1,000+ word essay about your PCT experience within one month of finishing your hike

7. Provide feedback on products our sponsors provide for your hike, and post about them on social media—tagging those sponsors in the posts along with any campaign hashtags.

8. Must be willing to provide PCTA and its sponsors the right to use (without limitation) images, writings, audio recordings, and any other media representations or recordings of your hike.

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Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton