Your Purchase Gives Back

Do a little shopping and pat yourself on the back.
Each time you buy, these great companies donate back to the Pacific Crest Trail.
Our warmest thanks to you, and them.

Backcountry Foodie

Backcountry Foodie offers membership services for backpackers & thru-hikers, featuring ultralight recipes, meal planning resources, and group coaching calls with a registered dietitian. 1% of your purchase price will benefit the PCTA.

Courtney Reckord Jewelry

The Pacific Crest Trail ring is an elevation map of all 2,653 miles of the PCT. Carry a reminder of your adventure on your finger. 5% of your purchase price supports the PCTA.

Dru Bru

Pacific Crest Pale is found seasonally at their brewery on Snoqualmie Pass and at Trader Joe’s and PCC Community Markets across Washington State. This beer pays homage to those who love to venture out on this epic trail. Dru Bru gives back $1 per case.

Farm to Feet

The Chester sock celebrates the midpoint of the PCT near the town of Chester, California. 10% of your purchase price is donated to PCTA.

National Geographic Maps

The National Geographic Maps series of 11 Pacific Crest Trail map booklets are convenient, detailed, up-to-date and designed for use on the trail. They are made in partnership with PCTA. 4% of the purchase price supports the PCTA.

North Drinkware

Purchase North Drinkware’s Oregon Pint and Tumbler, featuring Mt. Hood, and 1% of your purchase goes to the PCTA.


25% of the purchase price of Point6’s comfy light crew merino wool PCT sock will be donated to PCTA.

Seek Dry Goods

Support the trail with Seek Dry Good’s PCT hats, shirts, patches and stickers. 10% of your purchase supports the Pacific Crest Trail Association.


Tarma’s PCT pendant necklaces and earrings give $1 back to PCTA for each product purchased.

The Trek

The Trek’s Pacific Crest Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide to Successfully Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail donates 2% to 3.5% of your purchase price to the PCTA.

USDA Forest Service

The Pacific Crest Trail Map Series by the USDA Forest Service is a great introduction to the PCT with lots of photos and information about the trail. Sales of the maps benefit our major partnership with the Forest Service in managing the PCT.

Wilderness Press

Wilderness Press guidebooks PCT Southern California, PCT Northern California, and PCT Oregon & Washington help you locate the PCT and side-trips, find water sources, and access resupply routes. 2% of your purchase price benefits the PCTA.