Jeff Park Relocation 1.5

Project dates: 8/8/2019 - 8/15/2019
Project type:
Volunteer group: PCTA
Agency: Willamette National Forest: Detroit RD
Crew leader Brandon Haraughty
Elevation (ft) 6870
Project description: This crew will be led by our Forest Service friends, and will tie into the work being accomplished by PCTA's Skyline Volunteer Vacation crews. Join this pack-supported crew building a brand-new segment of PCT amongst the spectacular sub-alpine meadows of Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. You’ll replace a small segment of trail that's badly eroded due to sub-optimal alignment in fragile soils. Constructing new trail means dirt digging, root chopping, brush clearing, and rock moving. There’s some artistry to it, and plenty of tangible satisfaction. Together we’ll make vast improvements to the trail in the high country, with Mt. Jefferson looming overhead.
Previous trail maintenance experience required: No
Fitness level: Strenuous: This project is for advanced participants looking for a demanding and physically challenging project. This project is suitable for individuals who are fit and have a regular exercise routine. The project will include multiple challenges from the following: hiking 5-15 total miles each day, significant elevation change over 2000 feet on steep and/or rugged terrain, long distance backpacking, high elevation, physically arduous trail work, and/or off-trail work. Participants need to be in excellent physical condition and know their physical abilities and limits before joining this project.
Total hiking miles per day: 3
Total backpacking miles to basecamp: 6
Maximum number of volunteers: 7
High Clearance Vehicle Required: No
Camping type:
Other notes about project: Unlike Skyline Volunteer Vacations in Jeff Park, there is no centralized meal provision on this trip. You will need to purchase your own food, for which you may apply for reimbursement through PCTA. Pack stock will be available to help carry food and tools in to the project site. You will need to carry your own tent, sleeping bag, and other personal gear.
Contact/how to register: Contact [email protected].