South Diamond Peak Log Out

Project dates: 7/12/2019 - 7/14/2019
Project type:
Volunteer group: Mid-Oregon Volunteers
Agency: Deschutes National Forest: Crescent RD
Crew leader Becky Hope
Elevation (ft) 6193
Project description: Help log out the trail using crosscut saws! This volunteer crew will travel mostly on horseback, but hikers are welcome. You'll log out connector trails in the area as well, covering a distance of 8 miles.
Previous trail maintenance experience required: No
Fitness level: Moderate: This project is suitable for individuals in good physical condition who participate in a semi-exercise routine. Most people who are physically active can participate at this level. The components of this project may include one or more of the following: hiking 1-5 total miles each day, elevation change of 1000 ft or less over the course of the hike, and moderately physical work activities.
Total hiking miles per day: 3-4
Total backpacking miles to basecamp: 4
Maximum number of volunteers: 12
High Clearance Vehicle Required: No
Camping type:
Camping notes: Water will be available in camp, but no bathrooms
Other notes about project: This is a great chance to work alongside equestrians!
Contact/how to register: Email or call Becky, the crew leader, at [email protected] or (541) 337-3138.