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PCT CommunicatorWe’re always looking for new Pacific Crest Trail art. Share the beauty of the trail. Please email us at [email protected] to become involved!


Photo by Weathercarrot

Photo by weathercarrot

Put your photos to work and help the trail at the same time. Every year, we collect great PCT photos through our photo contest. It’s our primary way of gathering pictures for our magazine, website and social media channels.

We’re always interested in pictures of the trail and our volunteer programs. For guidance, we’ve put together a list of tips and considerations for you to read.

Are you an especially skilled photographer? We’d love to talk to you. While we can’t pay for pictures, your donation is going to a good cause.

Give us permission to use your photos by:


We’re accepting great content for publication in our PCT Communicator magazine, Trail Dirt newsletter, website and blog. For newsletter and magazine submissions, please email Communicator Managing Editor Mark Larabee at [email protected] with your article ideas. For web content, please write Trail Information Specialist Jack Haskel at [email protected]g with your proposals.


From graphic design to videography and paintings, we’d love to see your art. We’re looking for PCT related works. Perhaps we’ll feature you on our facebook page or blog, create a store product with your piece or hang it on our walls. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll start a conversation.

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Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton