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Our regional groups are the bedrock of the PCTA and the backbone for the trail. These groups of devoted volunteers adopt and regularly work on sections of the trail. They keep the trail maintained and passable. From removing fallen trees to building retaining walls – they do it all. Find their projects on our project schedule, and visit our adopted trail map to see where they work.

When you’re ready to volunteer- whether for a day, or for years- find the group that fits you best. They hold projects and trainings throughout the year. Join us – we can use your help.

PCTA Trail Gorillas

Region Southern California
Trail section The Trail Gorillas have adopted the PCT’s southern 500 miles between the Mexico border and Kennedy Meadows. They have organized chapters that are devoted to particular stretches of trail.

  • Trail Gorillas: San Diego Chapter – Mexico border to Scissors Crossing
  • Trail Gorillas: Paradise Chapter – Coyote Canyon Road to Mission Creek Preserve Access Trail
  • Trail Gorillas: Cajon Pass Chapter – Splinters Cabin to Highway 2 at Inspiration Point
  • Trail Gorillas: San Gabriel Mountains Chapter – Highway 2 at Inspiration Point to Soledad Canyon Road
  • Trail Gorillas: LA Gateway Chapter – Soledad Canyon Road to Highway 138
Volunteer projects Chapters monitor their sections of trail and hold one or more work projects each year to address the trail maintenance issues. Each chapter organizes day, weekend, and extended projects. In order to avoid hot summer temperatures, most volunteer projects are scheduled in the winter and spring.
Get involved by contacting
Learn more about the Trail Gorillas at

PCTA Can Do Crew

Region Southern Sierra, California
Trail section The Can Do Crew works on an approximate 30 mile section of PCT between Donahue Pass in Yosemite National Park and South Crater Meadow in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.
Volunteer projects The Can Do Crew holds 1-3 extended projects each year depending on the maintenance needs.
Get involved by contacting Paul Cardinet at [email protected]

PCTA Carsonora Crew

Region Northern Sierra, California
Trail section The Carsonora Crew oversees approximately 84 miles of the PCT between Carson Pass and Sonora Pass.
Volunteer projects The Carsonora Crew holds multiple weekend and extended projects each year.
Get involved by contacting Dave Harrison at [email protected]

PCTA Will Work for Krumms

Region Northern Sierra, California
Trail section Will Work for Krumms works on sections of the PCT throughout the Tahoe National Forest.
Volunteer projects Will Work for Krumms holds one extended project each year.
Get involved by contacting Connor Swift at [email protected] and Matt Rump at [email protected]

PCTA Pounder’s Promise

Region Northern Sierra, California
Trail section Pounder’s Promise works from Tahoe National Forest through Plumas National Forest, and into Lassen and Shasta-Trinity National Forest.
Volunteer projects Pounder’s Promise organizes “log out” projects early in the year (removing trees that have fallen across the trail), brushwork where needed, and handles serious erosion issues when they arise.
Get involved by contacting Charles Williams at [email protected]

PCTA Lyons’ Pride

Region Big Bend, Northern California
Trail section Lyons’ Pride works on sections of the trail throughout the Shasta-Trinity and Klamath National Forests.
Volunteer projects Lyons’ Pride typically holds two extended projects per year.
Get involved by contacting Paul Cardinet at [email protected]

PCTA NorCal Trail Crew

Region Big Bend, Northern California
Trail Section The NorCal Trail Crew maintains sections of the PCT near the Redding, California area.
Volunteer Projects NorCal Trail Crew holds multiple day and weekend projects each year.
Get involved by contacting Janette Storer at [email protected]
 Learn more about the NorCal Trail Crew at

PCTA Southern Oregon Rockers

Region Southern Oregon
Trail Section The Southern Oregon Rockers maintain 19.5 miles of the PCT near Mt. Ashland.
Volunteer Projects The Southern Oregon Rockers hold 4 to 6 work parties a year and are looking to hold more.
Get involved by contacting Ian Nelson at [email protected]
 Learn more about the Southern Oregon Rockers at

PCTA Mid-Oregon Volunteers

Region Columbia Cascades, Mid Oregon
Trail section Mid-Oregon Volunteers maintain stewardship over 160 miles of the trail between Windigo Pass and Breitenbush Lake. This mostly Wilderness segment is split into sections of a few miles each overseen by an individual volunteer Steward or a club organization. Stewards monitor and survey conditions on their section and supervise multiple work projects to address log out, tread maintenance and other access issues.
Volunteer projects Work parties range from a few individuals for a day trip to multiple-day, pack-supported adventures deep into the backcountry.
Learn more about Mid-Oregon Volunteers

PCTA Mount Hood Chapter

Region Columbia Cascades, Mid Oregon to Southern Washington
Trail section The Mount Hood Chapter volunteers maintain over 250 miles of PCT, feeder, and alternate trails between Potato Hill south of Washington’s Goat Rocks Wilderness and Breitenbush Lake north of Oregon’s Mount Jefferson Wilderness. The Mount Hood Chapter has split the trail in to sections with each section being overseen by a Caretaker.
Volunteer projects Caretakers hold multiple work projects each year to address maintenance issues. They hold day, weekend, and week-long projects.
Get involved by contacting Jeanine Russell at [email protected] 
Learn more about the Mount Hood Chapter at

PCTA White Pass Chapter

Region North Cascades, Mid Washington
Trail section The White Pass Chapter tends to 70 miles of trail in the William O. Douglas and Goat Rocks Wildernesses, which includes White Pass. The Stewards of this area also tend the needs of several feeder trails that access the PCT. Beyond scouting, many of the Stewards are saw certified and manage logouts, drainage projects, and support Sasquatch Crews that take on major reconstruction projects.
Volunteer projects Some early season crews are day projects, but most crews are pack-supported and camp on or near the PCT several miles into the wilderness.
Get involved by contacting David Wilkes at [email protected]
Learn more about the White Pass Chapter at

PCTA North 350 Blades

Region North Cascades, Mid to North Washington
Trail section The North 350 Blades are charged with the care of the PCT from Chinook Pass to the northern terminus at the Canadian border. The Blades have Stewards who have adopted 25 segments of the PCT in this area.
Volunteer projects The North 350 Blades hold day, weekend, and extended projects.
Get involved by contacting Click Here to join the North 350 Blades Mailing List
Learn more about the North 350 Blades at
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