North Cascades Trail Skills College

Volunteer students and instructors at the 2017 North Cascades Trail Skills College. Photo by Loren Schmidt.

Congratulations Class of 2017

The 2017 North Cascades Trail Skills College was made possible thanks to the U.S. Forest Service, PCTA’s North 350 Blades, Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, Vasque and Hydro Flask. These sponsors and partners welcomed 65 volunteers to play in the dirt and learn new skills in Darrington, Wash. Volunteers chose from 10 trail maintenance classes, including 103 Basic Saw Crew Training and 203 Waterbars & Checks , plus new classes like 204 Cooking & Camping with the Crew. Thank you to the volunteer instructors, partners and staff for the great selection, and thank you to the Pacific Northwest volunteer community for coming out to learn these skills.

Can’t wait for next year?

Don’t forget, Trail Skills College is offered free of charge in an effort to inspire citizen stewardship of trails. In exchange for attending the training, we encourage you to volunteer at least 16 hours of work on trail projects in the coming year. You can always learn new trail maintenance skills by volunteering on a PCTA trail crew. Most crews don’t require any previous trail maintenance experience. Knowledgeable and experienced crew leaders are on site to teach you the necessary skills. Visit the online project schedule and North 350 Blades Facebook to find trail projects near you.

If you have questions about Trail Skills College, contact the Volunteer Programs Assistant at 916-285-1838 or [email protected].



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Photo by: Nathaniel Middleton