Southern California Trail Skills College


Three Trail Skills College classes are available in Southern California in 2019: 100 Intro to Trail Maintenance, 201 Drainage Design & Dips, and 203 Waterbars & Checks. Photo by Michael Lewis.

In 2019, the Pacific Crest Trail Association and your local Trail Gorilla volunteer chapters will host seven Trail Skills Colleges throughout Southern California.

The trainings will cover three different skills: Intro to Trail Maintenance, Drainage Design & Dips, and Waterbars & Checks. Each training is offered multiple times, but the content is the same. Participants are discouraged from signing up for multiple trainings for the same skill (example: both Intro to Trail Maintenance sessions, three Waterbars & Checks sessions, etc.).

Trail Skills Colleges are offered free of charge in an effort to inspire stewardship of trails. In exchange for attending a training, we encourage you to volunteer at least 8 hours of work on trail projects in the coming year.

Upcoming Trail Skills Colleges

The complete list of courses

  • Registration is required for all trainings
  • Friday, Nov. 8: Intro to Trail Maintenance
  • Saturday, Nov. 9: Intro to Trail Maintenance
  • Sunday, Nov. 10: Drainage Design & Dips
  • Monday, Nov. 11: Drainage Design & Dips
  • Friday, Nov. 15: 203 Waterbars & Checks
  • Saturday, Nov. 16: 203 Waterbars & Checks
  • Sunday, Nov. 17: 203 Waterbars & Checks

Are meals and lodging provided?

No. Each Trail Skills College is a single-day training. Camping and meals are not provided.

What’s the fitness level of Trail Skills College?

The fitness level will vary depending on the location and objective of your class, however, all participants should be prepared to hike a minimum of 1-4 miles while carrying personal gear and tools. Participants should also be prepared for the hands on learning opportunities in each class, resulting in 6-8 hours of active trail maintenance.

How do I sign up?

Click the course links above for more information about each Trail Skills College offering. When you’re ready to sign up, contact [email protected]. Make sure you have a current volunteer application on file.


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