Southern California Trail Skills College


Southern California Trail Skills Colleges are typically hosted over a series of weekends in the fall. Photo by Michael Lewis.

Congratulations Class of 2018!

In 2018, the Pacific Crest Trail Association and your local Trail Gorilla volunteer chapters hosted five Trail Skills Colleges throughout Southern California. More than 50 volunteers came out to play in the dirt and learn new skills, including crew leadership and drainage design. 

Can’t wait for next year?

Details for the 2019 Southern California Trail Skills College will be available in fall 2019. But don’t forget, you can learn new trail maintenance skills by volunteering on a PCTA trail crew any time. Most crews don’t require any previous trail maintenance experience. Knowledgeable and experienced crew leaders are on site to teach you the necessary skills. Visit the online project schedule and the Trail Gorillas Facebook page to find PCT maintenance projects in Southern California.



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