Tahoe Trail Skills College

New and seasoned trail maintainers head to the summit to build their skill sets at the 2017 Tahoe Trail Skills College. Photo by Cindy Leggett.

2021 Tahoe Trail Skills College

The Tahoe Trail Skills College is a free weekend event for volunteers to learn about trail maintenance and stewardship. Beginners and experts alike can benefit from Trail Skills College courses like Intro to Trail Maintenance, Waterbars & Checks and more.

Trail Skills College is offered free of charge in an effort to inspire stewardship of trails. In exchange for attending the training, we encourage you to volunteer at least 16 hours of work on trail projects in the coming year.

The 2021 Tahoe Trail Skills College is possible thanks to the U.S. Forest Service.

When is it?

July 24-25, 2021

Where is it?

Courses will take place in the vicinity of Truckee, California.

How much does it cost?

Trail Skills College is free of charge.

Are meals and lodging provided?

No. Unlike in years past, the 2021 Tahoe Trail Skills College will not have a central basecamp, meals or lodging.

Most courses will be single-day events, typically from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

What’s the fitness level of Trail Skills College?

The fitness level of the field sessions will vary depending on the classes you select during registration. However, all participants should be prepared to hike a minimum of 1-2 miles while carrying personal gear and tools. Participants should also be prepared for the hands-on learning opportunities in many of these classes, resulting in 6 hours of active trail maintenance per day.

What classes are being offered?

Four classes are being offered at the 2021 Tahoe Trail Skills College: 100 Intro to Trail Maintenance, 201 Drainage Design & Drain Dips, 300 Rock Retaining Walls and 203 Waterbars & Checks. Each session will follow enhanced Covid-19 safety protocols.

Saturday, July 24:

  • 100 Intro to Trail Maintenance
  • 203 Waterbars & Checks
  • 300 Rock Retaining Walls

Sunday, July 25:

  • 201 Drainage Design & Drain Dips
  • 203 Waterbars & Checks
  • 300 Rock Retaining Walls

How do I register?

Registration is required for Trail Skills College courses. Visit the Project Schedule to register for individual courses. Participants can only register for and attend one course per day.

Can’t wait?

Don’t forget, you can learn new trail maintenance skills by volunteering on a PCTA trail crew any time. Most crews don’t require any previous trail maintenance experience. Knowledgeable and experienced crew leaders are on site to teach you the necessary skills.  Visit PCTA’s online schedule to find trail projects near you.

If you have questions about Trail Skills College, contact PCTA’s Volunteer Program at 916-285-1838 or [email protected].

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