Trail Skills College Course Curriculum

curriculumBecause wildfires, wind storms, floods, gravity, and vegetation growth are constant threats to the PCT, the annual maintenance and reconstruction of the trail is a never-ending and monumental undertaking. Such work, historically carried out by government trail crews, is increasingly done by hundreds of volunteers organized by the PCTA. These volunteers perform hard, physical labor so that others may safely enjoy the beauty and challenge along the trail.

To help our volunteers succeed in their trail work, PCTA collaborated with many partners to develop a Trail Skills College curriculum. It is designed for workshops to train volunteers both new and old. The curriculum is available for free for all who wish to use it, whether you are a partner working along the PCT, or working on trails around the world.

A grant from REI funded the initial development of the curriculum. The PCTA worked with U.S. Forest Service Trails Specialist John Schubert to write these documents. They are free to be copied provided the PCTA and John Schubert are acknowledged as the source. Drawings from publications of The Student Conservation Association, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, U.S. Forest Service, and IMBA are used with permission.

The referenced forms contained within the curriculum can be found on our crew leader page.

If you have questions, suggestions or corrections on the PCTA Trail Skills curriculum, please email Jennifer Tripp at [email protected].

Basic Saw Crew Training is an introductory class and does not include a certification. Information about the Sawyer Certification process can be found by clicking here!

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