Trail advice

The case for being a trail mentor

By Arthur McMahon

Share your wilderness experience and knowledge with others. Inspire future generations of adventurers and grow the outdoor community. Lead friends on a day hike or motivate them to visit a national park by sharing your experience. Be a trail mentor.

My greatest mentor was my fiancée, Jill. ... Read more

The single biggest mistake made while preparing for a thru-hike

Photo by: Carly Moree

Hikers dedicate months, if not years, to readying themselves for their shot at thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. They dump thousands of dollars into state-of-the-art ultralight gear. They cook, dehydrate, pack and ship dozens of boxes full of food. They adopt strenuous workout regimens to ready their bodies for the ... Read more

PCT advice: plan ahead and prepare

Staying in the center of the trail, even when it's wet, helps keep trailside wildflowers vibrant once they bloom later in the year. By planning ahead and preparing, you might choose to hike in boots when it's wet, or delaying your trip. Photo by Andrew Geweke.

The first principle of Leave No Trace is to plan ahead and prepare which, when done thoroughly, can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip into the backcountry that also minimizes your potential to damage sensitive landscapes and ecosystems.

When planning for a backcountry adventure, one of the first things ... Read more

Five expert tips for hiking with a baby or toddler

Hiking with a baby or toddler FLICKR/EricLanning

Last spring my husband and I talked about backpacking with our one-year-old, but the logistics of hiking with a baby seemed a little overwhelming, especially because our little guy wasn’t a great sleeper. So instead we decided to glamp it, but still get on parts of the Pacific Crest Trail ... Read more