JMT resupply

Resupply locations are listed from north to south. Many of the remote locations are seasonal from June/July into September.

This page outlines the most common resupply opportunities. They are used by the vast majority of JMT hikers. In addition to the below, there are many other trails and trailheads in the Sierra. For a complete list of Sierra trailheads, please visit For guidance on diet, please visit our trail food page.

The absolutely fantastic resupply locations on the JMT

Tuolumne Meadows

The well-stocked Tuolumne Meadows Store caters to JMT travelers. It’s open seasonally, sometimes not until after the first hikers pass through. The store can be reached at 209-372-8428.

The Tuolumne Meadows Post Office is located in the same building as the store and grill. Its phone number is 209-372-8236.

Mail packages to:

c/o General Delivery
Tuolumne Meadows
Yosemite National Park, CA 95389
Arriving by: ETA
Reds Meadow Store offers a resupply option near Mammoth.

Red’s Meadow Store

Red’s Meadow and Mammoth Lakes

Red’s Meadow Resort offers a logical choice for resupply. They hold packages for a fee and sell a small assortment of food. The Mule House Cafe at the resort cooks hot meals for hungry JMTers. Lodging and showers are also available.

From the resort, a bus runs regularly to Mammoth Lakes, a full service town. Mammoth has super markets, many restaurants, hotels, gear shops and a campground.

Vermillion Valley Resort

Vermillion Valley Resort is located at the west end of Lake Edison. A boat shuttle offers rides across the lake for a fee, or one can walk the 4.5 miles. Trail food can be purchased at the store and hot meals are available at the restaurant. Resupply packages are held for a fee. Typically, camping and  your first drink are free for thru-hikers. Rooms, showers and laundry are available.

Hiker resupply buckets at Muir Trail Ranch. Photo by Jack Haskel

Resupply buckets waiting to be picked up at Muir Trail Ranch.

Muir Trail Ranch

Located very near the trail, Muir Trail Ranch accepts resupply packages and has a very small gift shop. Rooms and meals are sometimes available at a package rate. Camping and hot springs are available nearby.

Kearsarge Pass and the Hwy 395 corridor

Some JMT and PCT travelers exit the wilderness over Kearsarge Pass in order to resupply. From the Onion Valley trailhead, you can travel to Independence or other towns along the Highway 395 corridor. Typically, people hitch-hike into town, have friends provide rides or hire a shuttle.

Hired resupply services

Horse packers can bring in food resupplies to you. This is commonly done in the LeConte Canyon/Bishop Pass area by Rainbow Pack Outfitters and in the Kearsarge Pass area by emailing Sequoia Kings Pack Train at [email protected]. Or view a complete list of Sierra pack trains.

Can I cache food on the JMT?

Caching food, the practice of leaving a resupply to be picked up later, is illegal along the JMT. Food drops, whether in the wilderness or in bear lockers, are regularly confiscated by rangers. Please do not leave caches along the JMT.

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