PCT 2012 Fire Report

This is the worst Pacific Crest Trail fire season I can remember. Here is a list of the fires burning on or near the PCT that I know about. It’s the best information I can find, but it is probably incomplete and may contain errors. Hopefully it will be useful to someone. I will update this page every evening. Send updates or corrections to [email protected]. Be Safe.
Updated 9/20
For official trail closure information from the Pacific Crest Trail Association see:
PCTA Trail Closure Information

[Mile 82 – 88] Stewart Fire (part of the Vallecito Lightning Complex), 10,632 acres 100% contained.
The PCT is closed in the San Felipe Hills from Highway 78 at Scissors Crossing to Montezuma Valley Road.
CAL Fire Vallecito Lightning Complex Incident Information Web Page

[Mile 582 – 596] Jawbone Complex Fire, 12,018 acres, 98% contained
THE PCT IS CLOSED for approximately 33 miles from Highway 58 to Jawbone Road and the Sequoia National Forest boundary.

[Mile 1290 – 1335] Chips Fire, near Belden 75,431 acres, 100% contained
(9/13) From PCTA.org – The PCT is now open through the Chips Fire burn area. The trail continues to be closed inside Lassen National Park due to the Reading Fire.

[Mile 1360 – 1372] Reading Fire, near Mt Lassen Park 28,079 acres, 100% contained
THE PCT IS CLOSED by this fire.

[Mile 1470] Bagley Complex, 31,321 acres, 24% contained
(8/28) The PCT is closed from near mile 1449.5 to Interstate 5 [mile 1506.5], There is currently no suggested alternate route.
Forest Service Closure Order
Forest Service Closure Map
(8/29) MODIS satellite imagery appears to show this very large fire burning near the PCT from about mile 1470 – 1480.
(8/26) MODIS satellite imagery appears to show the very large lightning-caused Fort Bagley Fire burning about 1.5 miles south of PCT mile 1475. This is about 15 miles southeast of Dunsmuir.

[Mile 1666 – 1678] Fort Complex Fire (formerly the Goff Fire) near Seiad Valley, 23,623 acres, 94% contained. The PCT is CLOSED to public entry from Seiad (at Hwy 96) north to Tin Cup trail junction due to this wildfire.
(9/6) This closure area has been expanded. There are no alternative walking re-routes for this closure. Hikers and equestrians are encouraged to pick up the PCT north of this closure at the PCT/I-5 crossing near Mt. Ashland.

Expanded Closure Order

Alternate Route Map from Klamath National Forest (2.2 MB pdf file):
Klamath National Forest Goff Fire Alternate


[Mile 1853 – 1884] Butte Fire (Windigo Pass Region), 246 acres, 90% contained
(8/26) From PCTA.org: As of Saturday August 25th, the PCT through this area is OPEN. However, please STAY ON THE PCT through the burn area. Signs are posted at the northern and southern extents of the burn area. Thank-you.


[Mile 1913 – 1932] Bobby Fire (Buckhead Complex) the 7-fire Buckhead Complex is 294 acres, 90% contained.
(8/25) From PCTA.org: The PCT is now open; however the connector trail #3663 to Waldo lake road is closed.


[Mile 1980] Three Sisters Wilderness (Pole Creek Fire) 7,000 acres, 10% contained
(9/15) From Inciweb.org: …the current closure area has been modified to include the Pacific Crest Trail between Trail #3531(Four in One Cone, PCT mile 1983) and the PCT Trailhead on Highway 242 (mile 1990). Information will be posted at all trailheads and access points from Elk Lake Trailhead north to Santiam Pass. PCT hikers will have a reroute option using the Scott Trail traveling west to Highway 242.
(9/10) From PCTA.org: The Pole Creek Fire is burning east of the trail in the Three Sisters Wilderness. The trail is not currently closed. The closure area’s western boundary is the PCT. Please do not step off the PCT to the east as you will enter the closed zone. Highway 242 is closed due to the fire.

[Mile 2042 – 2052] Waterfall 2 Fire (Mt. Jefferson/Ollalie Lake area), 12,265 acres, 90% contained
(8/24) The Pacific Crest Trail is now open to hikers, but camping in the closure area is prohibited. See InciWeb for more info.


[Mile 2238] The PCT is closed by the Cascade Creek Fire near Mount Adams 2,150 acres.
(9/20) The PCT is CLOSED due to the Cascade Creek Fire on the south side of Mt. Adams. The closure extends from Road 23 to Adams Creek near the Divide Camp Trail #112.
(9/12) Jack from PCTA reports on Facebook: Within the next 48 hours, the Cascade Creek fire closure near Mt. Adams is likely to grow to include the PCT. The new closure will probably extend from Road 23 to Riley Creek near Sheep Lake
(9/11) From PCTA.org: The PCT is NOT closed due to the Cascade Creek Fire on the south side of Mt. Adams. The closed area borders the PCT on the east. It runs along the PCT from Road 23 to Round-The-Mountain Trail #9. Please do not camp along this stretch of trail. Check for updates in case the fire and fire closure grows, which is possible, if not likely.

(9/10) From PCTA.org: The PCT will soon close due to the Cascade Creek Fire on the south side of Mt. Adams. We expect the official closure to be in place by 5pm Monday, if not earlier. Trail users should avoid entering the area at this time. Evacuations have already taken place. An official alternate route should follow after the closure area has been identified.
(9/9) I’m seeing conflicting information on if the lightning caused Cascade Creek Fire burning near Mount Adams has closed the PCT or not. Should have better information tomorrow.