Trail culture

Video of 142 Days on the PCT in 6 Minutes

Thru-hikers on the PCT often take time to document their journeys in a consistent way. Journals and blogs are fairly ubiquitous among hikers, but are often discontinued when making miles takes precedence over writing. Time-lapse videos like such as 170 mornings on the PCT are awesome, but what about capturing ... Read more

Doodles Does the PCT charms us to no end

Inspired by her father’s suggestion to create a “doodle a day,” Katie Lei earned the trail name “Doodles” during her 2013 PCT hike by creating a set of pen drawings to record her daily encounters. Now she’s compiled her illustrations and short written pieces about her experiences and observations into ... Read more

Introducing The PCT Journalist

We’ve got a new feature on our website and we’re pretty excited about it. Every thirty minutes, The Journalist collects the latest PCT blog posts from around the web and displays them in a central location. For the geeks out there, The Journalist is an RSS aggregator.

We love reading ... Read more