Trail culture

The PCT’s Third Bestseller

Barney Mann tells the story of William Gray and The PCT’s Third Bestseller in our most recent Communicator Magazine. For more of his articles on the history of the trail, check out the collection at the bottom of our PCT history page.

The first bestseller about the Pacific Crest Trail, ... Read more

Call for submissions for PCT 2013 book

Send in your stories from this year. Rodger Dodger will edit them into a book.

PCT Class of ’13,

Want to help me create a PCT ’13 book? Hopefully you are all having fun reminiscing while getting photos/videos to Red Beard for the class video. So I thought now would ... Read more

Submissions open for 2013 Class DVD

Every year someone volunteers to collect, edit and publish a movie about the year’s thru-hiking class. For 2013, Red Beard has streamlined the process at If the site is an indication, this is going to be an outstanding class video. Submit your pictures and video ASAP. The deadline ... Read more

I Promise Not to Suffer wins national award

Gail Storey’s wonderful book about her hike on the Pacific Crest Trail won the National Outdoor Book Award! We’re thrilled. I Promise Not To Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail is Gail’s light-hearted yet heart-felt memoir about her and her husband’s adventures and misadventures, deepening marriage, ... Read more

In Memory: Dan Quayle

Long time PCTA volunteer James Daniel Quayle died Sept. 2, 2013, of pancreatic cancer. He was 69. He devoted hundreds of hours working on the PCT in Southern California with the Trail Gorillas.

“Dan was well loved by fellow volunteers,” said Jennifer Tripp, PCTA trail operations manager. “He was a ... Read more

Monument 78 register from 2007

Someone asked us recently where they could find the digitized version of the 2007 Monument 78 register. We used to have a way to navigate to it on our old site. But since our web re-design, we no longer linked to it and it became impossible to find on Google. ... Read more