Hiker culture

Nine-year-old Monkey completes the PCT

Nine-year-old Monkey and her mother Mamma Bear finished the Pacific Crest Trail yesterday on Sunday, September 23rd.

From Mamma Bear and Monkey’s excellent blog:

“We were excited that we had accomplished what we set out to do: we hiked the entire official PCT with no flips, no skips, no shortcuts ... Read more

10-year-old Sunshine Thru-Hiking In 2011

10-year-old Sunshine and her father Balls are profiled in Salem Oregon Statesman Journal today. The pair begins thru-hiking the PCT on April 29th.

Both Sunshine and Balls have journals on trailjournals.com.

In case you were wondering Sunshine turns 11 in May, so 10-year-old Scrambler will remain the youngest person to ... Read more