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Pride On the Trail

By Hazel Platt

Part of the PCTA’s focus is to ensure the trail is a place where everyone can find a sense of belonging. Some trail experiences are universal, while others can be intensely personal depending on what someone brings to the trail. Despite all the natural beauty, physical ... Read more

Magnificent Five-Needle Pines: Join a PCT Community Science Project

By Michael Kauffmann

Western North America’s five-needle pines are, in my opinion, among the most beautiful living creatures on Earth. They are also major contributors to the unique high-elevation aesthetic of the Pacific Crest Trail. A pine tree is a kind of conifer, and five-needle pines along the trail include ... Read more

Share Your Voice for PCTA’s New Strategic Plan

The Pacific Crest Trail Association is happy to share the first public draft of our new Strategic Plan. This has been PCTA’s longest, largest, and most community involved planning process we’ve ever undertaken—and we’re not done engaging with the PCT community. Below are links to download and read the ... Read more

Canada PCT Entry Permit program has restarted

We’re thrilled to announce that the Canada PCT Entry Permit program has restarted! After being paused since 2020, Canada Border Services Agency, PCTA, and the U.S. Forest Service worked together to restart it. We thank everyone involved for restarting this special program and facilitating it on an ongoing basis—crossing into ... Read more