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Returning to the Sierra: local permits and being prepared

What a year it’s been! Last winter’s record snowpack lingers in the highest reaches of the Sierra Nevada.

Get the right local permits.

Many northbound thru-hikers made the choice to skip and bypass the Sierra due to the record snow year. Are you looking to come back to hike the ... Read more

Lassen Rural Bus adds service to the PCT

We’re thrilled to share that Lassen Rural Bus has expanded and now stops right on the Pacific Crest Trail. As strong believers in transit to trails, the immense value of rural buses, and small-town America, we extend our appreciation to everyone involved and encourage you to ride the bus!... Read more

Magnificent Five-Needle Pines: Join a PCT Community Science Project

By Michael Kauffmann

Western North America’s five-needle pines are, in my opinion, among the most beautiful living creatures on Earth. They are also major contributors to the unique high-elevation aesthetic of the Pacific Crest Trail. A pine tree is a kind of conifer, and five-needle pines along the trail include ... Read more