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About Lon "Halfmile" Cooper

Lon Cooper is a hiker, photographer, maker of Pacific Crest Trail maps, and volunteer blogger for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He lives near San Diego, CA and is known as "Halfmile" on the PCT. Lon's other web sites include,, and

Halfmile's PCT iPhone App Updated

The free Halfmile PCT iPhone app has been updated. Updates include:

– Specific “how to walk there from here” routing instructions for all points – Color coded and simplified side trail points – Simulator now accepts SPOT(tm) text and email message coordinates – Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Links: ... Read more

Poodle-Dog Bush Alternate Map

Update on 5-6-16: Major work has been done to remove Poodle-Dog Bush and this alternate is probably not necessary anymore.


Updated 5/13/12 with added links Updated 5/10/12 I have published a California Section D Poodle-Dog Bush alternate map based on various reports from early Pacific Crest Trail hikers on ... Read more

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