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About Lon "Halfmile" Cooper

Lon Cooper is a hiker, photographer, maker of Pacific Crest Trail maps, and volunteer blogger for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. He lives near San Diego, CA and is known as "Halfmile" on the PCT. Lon's other web sites include,, and

Tom's Kennedy Meadows Cyber Cafe Closing

Tom’s Kennedy Meadows Cyber Cafe, near Pacific Crest Trail mile 702, is being shut down by Tulare County officials. According to a recent Facebook posting, to remain open the Cyber Cafe would be required to obtain a business license, parking, restrooms, and make other changes. The Cyber Cafe, which runs ... Read more

Southern Sierra Snow Just 20% of Normal

SACRAMENTO – May 1, 2012 Manual and electronic readings by the California Department of Water’s final snow survey for 2012 show that California’s drier than usual mountain snowpack is steadily melting with warming spring weather.

Electronic readings indicate that water content in the southern Sierra mountains is just 20 percent ... Read more

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