Thanks for a great launch!

Thank you all for the incredible launch! We’ve received hundreds of emails and calls. We hear that you like it.

To the thousands of you who visited, we hope you come back. To those of you that signed up to volunteer, receive our magazine or are planning the trip of ... Read more

Welcome to our new website!

We’re thrilled that you’re here.

Ten years after launching our last website, we were ready for something new. We built it entirely ourselves – staff, partners and volunteers focused on the task. Last year you told us what you wanted on our site – over 1,000 people provided input in ... Read more

Halfmile's PCT iPhone App Updated

The free Halfmile PCT iPhone app has been updated. Updates include:

– Specific “how to walk there from here” routing instructions for all points – Color coded and simplified side trail points – Simulator now accepts SPOT(tm) text and email message coordinates – Various usability improvements and bug fixes

Links: ... Read more